CATTAILS Cornish Rex




Breeding and showing for over forty years


Many colors including chocolate, lavender and points.


We reserve the right to determine final placement of any cat/kitten at any time.



Some Partners:
Permanent Waves Cornish Rex
Crystal Lake IL Kelly Phillips

Joanne Newman, Sunset Cornish Rex, Keri Keri , New Zealand website =

Brown classic tabby
Mustang Sally-Moved to Ohio with Lisa
one of my 3 Lynx points !!!! not for sale
solid black female - placed
Blue Van moved to Wausau
blue & white female moving to Missouri
Placed - Beth
Placed - Amy -- Blue Cream & white
gone to new home
Luna Moon Moth
  Happy in new home
Cattail's Pippin Junior - Happy in new home


PRACTICE SAFE REX - WE SPAY & NEUTER & Guarantee the health of your Cornish Rex Cat.

We reserve the right to determine final placement of any cat/kitten at any time.

Kittens available in January 2021. email for details. Kittens available boys and girls.  Several colors............ Retired adults available. SOMETIMES.   Beware of backyard breeders!!  Beware of European sellers. Research....

Madison, WI.

Bred by Exhibitor
New Quad GC Cattail's Kipling's Bagheera
Karl our new stud
Cattail's Karl With A "K"
female - moved to Oak Park, Illinois

Cornish Rex were first recognized in a barn in Cornwall England and imported to the United States in 1960.  They come in all colors including points.


This is a very outgoing busy, busy breed.  They stay young at heart and active all through their long lives.  Once you are owned by a Cornish Rex you will want more!!!


Breeding and showing Cornish Rex exclusively for over Forty years.

moved to Fergus Falls
gone to new home
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New Availibilty-
New kittens are here,  we have many colors available and both sexes.   Kittens start @ $950.00.
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currently showing
Cattail's But I just Love Her